Stages of Exploitation

In this lesson we will introduce the typical stages of exploitation:

  • Identification & Assessment
  • Grooming & Connection
  • Coercion & Manipulation
  • Exploitation

The stages of exploitation typically begin in a linear way, but do not necessarily stay linear. Exploitation can be a cycle and/or move back and forth between stages. For example:

  • A youth may be exposed to the exploitation stage, but continue to experiencing grooming;
  • A youth experiencing exploitation may tell the person exploiting them that they will no longer engage in the activities they are being forced into – the person exploiting may feign to allow this at first, re-establish trust and a sense of safety with the youth, and then reintroduce the youth into the stages of exploitation.

Most importantly, with the proper support and time, youth can leave exploitative circumstances.

Watch this brief introduction to the stages of exploitation below.

For a longer explanation on exploitation and the stages of exploitation, please watch this video:

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