Module 2: Stages of Exploitation & people who exploit for personal gain

Module 2 is an introduction to the stages of exploitation and the people who exploit for personal gain. We always want to center and prioritize youth and their voices. Centering youth means we want to appreciate that youth are unique individuals before viewing them as youth who have experienced exploitation. As such, we recognize that the structure of this course and placing Stages of Exploitation & the people who exploit for personal gain prior to our Module on Youth is potentially contradictory to this perspective. We are including this small section to provide context and to better equip participants for the lessons and activities in Module 3 which will focus more directly on youth.

Lesson Plan

  • Reflection: reflecting on our existing perspectives
  • Guiding principles: key ideas that inform Module 2
  • The people who exploit for personal gain
  • Stages of commercial sexual exploitation
  • Return to reflection: an activity for considering how your perspective may have changed
  • Final quiz: Module 2

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