Module 1: Introduction & the complications of trafficking discourse

Module 1 will introduce the mainstream context within which we understand human trafficking and exploitation. Specifically, Module 1 examines the colonial roots of trafficking and trafficking discourse, and the harmful impacts of mainstream anti-trafficking policies and practices.  Module 1 identifies some of the gaps and dangers within Canada’s anti-trafficking efforts. This creates a foundation for the rest of the training program to examine how we as individuals, service providers, support services, and a society as a whole can better support youth who have experienced exploitation.

Because many of the perspectives and processes that create barriers for youth accessing support can be so ingrained in our media, education, governments, and world views, we encourage participants to enter this training with open minds and hearts. We do not expect to capture the perspective of every youth who has experienced exploitation, however, our training hopes to be a flexible and inclusive space in which any experience can feel respected, supported, and valued. We hope that participants come out of it feeling capable to practice this flexibility and inclusivity in their own work.

Lesson plan

  • Reflection: reflecting on our existing perspectives
  • Guiding principles: key ideas that inform SYEE training
  • Contexts & concepts: definitions, colonialism, and anti-trafficking in Canada
  • Myths & misconceptions: common myths, their impacts, and the realities
  • Return to reflection: an activity for considering how your perspective may have changed
  • Final quiz: Module 1

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