Introducing the course

Welcome to the Supporting Youth Experiencing Exploitation certificate course. This course contains information, insight, and best practices for supporting youth and their involvement in the sex industry. The central focus of this course is about supporting youth who are experiencing exploitation in the sex industry. However, as will be discussed throughout the following modules, youth’s experiences take a variety of forms, some are exploitative, some are not.

The first couple modules will provide you with “Guiding Principles.” These principles are essential for genuinely and appropriately supporting youth. We emphasize that there is no one-size-fits-all practice of supporting youth, flexibility and creativity are key for successful support.

We have created this tip sheet to provide you with detailed information on the technical aspects of the course, please read it through before beginning:

The content of this course can be intense and we encourage you to take care of yourself throughout. Take breaks, skip information and come back to it, and hold off on activities that feel overwhelming as you see fit. As mentioned in the tip sheet – please note that only the module final quizzes and the course final quiz is for marks – all other activities and quizzes are encouraged but optional.

Course options

There are two ways you can take this course:

  1. With an account: make an account using your e-mail address and log-in in order to track your progress and acquire a Certificate of Completion at the end.
  2. Without an account: this course is publicly and freely available, you can work through it without an account – however your progress will not be tracked and you will not be able to receive a Certificate of Completion at the end.

Please note: the majority of activities and quizzes in this course are optional but highly recommended, Only the successful completion (80% correct) of the final quiz of each module (ex. Module 1 Quiz), as well as successful completion of the Final Quiz, are required for accessing our ​Certificate of Completion​.


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